Captain Cagliostro electronica music musik

Cry Little Sheep

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Esoterika Magnus Bäcklund poesi Text

Dies Insanire

As darkness seeps out to play
The blind twin gods forgotten
Whisper through the cracks of mind
Of the flesh bereaved and rotten

Smear each thread of dream with bile
Blessing cheeks with sadness
Bringing forth all that is wicked and vile
Until all that is left is madness

The serpent coiled ‘round twisted spine
Retreats down to the roots
The poisoned cup that should be wine
fermented forbidden fruits

It screams as it falls, It who once was man
As rot reaps muscle and bone
An outstretched desperate bony hand
In the end it dies alone

poesi Text

Den Gamles Längtan

Natt faller
Låter skuggan kräla
Den krälar över rynkig hud

Eld leker
Över böjt huvud
Smeker tunga lemmar

Den gamle låter
Sitt andetag sjunga
Men tonen färdas knappt
Bortom sig självt

Sjung Hecate
Famna fallen främling
Lyss gamling
Hör korsvägens drottning

Den gamles sång
Ur skrumpet bröst
Besvarad längtan
Under månen

Den krälar över rynkig hud
Smeker tunga lemmar
Bortom sig självt
Hör korsvägens drottning
Under månen

Captain Cagliostro electronica music musik synth

Exit Tomorrow

Exit Tomorrow – Ny Video och Ny låt

En relativt ny sång och en helt ny video. Sångtexten följer nedan och musiken finns, som alltid, att ladda ner för den som tycker om den.

Exit tomorrow

Too good too bad

Too happy too sad

Too fat too thin

Too soft within

Too weak too strong

Too meek too rough

Too big too small

No good at all

I know your fear I know what you’re thinking

For each cruel word your soul is shrinking

We are lost on the train to tomorrow

And on the next stop I’m getting off

Like yesterday there will always be sorrow

So on the next stop I’m getting of

Too young too old

Too hot too cold

Too dumb too smart

Too torn apart

Too pretty too plain

Too crazy too sane

Too numb too glum

So fucking dumb


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