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Enter Captain Cagliostro

Captain Cagliostro welcomes you. This is the hidden space of imaginary friends and you are invited.

We are what we are and we make what we make. We are not original. We are not true. We hold no ideals and do not pretend to be anything but pretence. We are the imaginary nerd in the closet. The keyboard warrior of bad taste and the things that never leaves the cellar. Again welcome to this small space

And for our first little number…

n 1984 a wonderful series was created about space lizards who were kind of nazis except for the nice lizard played by Robert Englund who perhaps is most known for the film he did the same year: A Nightmare on Elm Street

The series was kind of popular but lasted only for a year but the miniseries called ”The Final Battle” contained a wonderful score by : 
Joseph Conlan
Dennis McCarthy
Barry De Vorzon

So this is our version of that wonderful wonderful score which you are free to listen to and download as you wish:

And this is the original song on YOUTUBE if you want to give that a go.

By now you know what we are about – making versions of songs we love or karaoke but electronic and for most part no singing (be grateful for that last one)
Be well and welcome again

Cesare Cagliostro

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